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Elysion Pro Laser Hair Removal Treatment - Man

Elysion-Pro utilizes a new generation diode laser with significantly higher power rating, to remove hair, using ultra-short pulses. The hair gets heated more effectively, and therefore is killed off – not merely damaged - while the surrounding skin is not heated, so there is significantly less discomfort for the client.

While the laser runs hotter onto the hair follicles, the surrounding skin is cooled by Crystal Freeze technology.

This means your clients will have a much more comfortable experience, and no unpleasant side effects to their skin.

What's more, Elysion-Pro is approved for use with all 6 classifications of skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale. That means more customers coming to you for treatments, whatever the season.

A consultation and patch test will be needed prior to treatment.

Consultation & skin test £20

Men1 session6 sessions
Centre brow£48£240
Entire beard£258£1290
Collar bone£73£365
Chest and Abdomen£253£1155
Upper arms£118£590
Full arm£208£1040
Lower leg£173£865
Full leg£338£1690
Hands and feet£58£290